How to Find a Mistress for You Submissive Boys

If you want to know how to find a mistress for your alternative lifestyle, this article is for you! The submissive/dominant culture is an exciting way of life, but it can be hard to find someone who is likeminded and shares your desires.

Women don’t like talking about their sex life as much as men do, so even if they are into being someone’s mistress, it could take some coaxing to get this information out of them. Not surprisingly, a high number of women today are also looking for a man they can boss around. However, finding these women can be a chore.

Some men spend thousands of dollars on dominatrix and cam girl sites trying to find that special mistress. They lose all of this money only to find out the girl was just pretending, or eventually the girl will dismiss them. Men need to learn the right way to go about finding a successful submissive relationship with a dominant woman.

How to find a Mistress by Putting Yourself Out there Online

It may seem scary, but you have to put yourself out there if you want a woman to come out to you with her sexual desires. You have to let women know you are willing to do anything for them if they only become your mistress and keep you in line. If you feel more comfortable, you can use a fictitious name to create your account. You can even just put up a profile picture of your body, cropping out your face. In your information is where you should put exactly what you are looking for in a mistress.

How to find a Mistress on Social Sites and have an online bdsm chat

Now that you have some ideas for how to create your sub seeks dome profile, where should you look for a mistress?

Facebook has groups you can join that have similar-minded people. Search these groups for alt, alternative lifestyle, dominatrix, submissive, or dominant. Join as many groups as you like and friend some nice looking girls in the group. You can begin talking to them casually, 100% for free and just see where things go.

Sometimes you can even find groups near you, so you increase your chance of meeting a mistress in real life, and sparking up a relationship.

Twitter is also a good social site with many women involved in alternative lifestyle. You can also run a search on twitter to find self-declared mistresses, and follow them. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. Again, you must put yourself out there!

How to Find a Mistress Locally

To find a mistress near you, look in your local romance classifieds. You may just find ‘mistress seeking slave’ putting an end to your search!

Craigslist also posts romance ads. Search here, and if you don’t find anything, you can post your own want ad for free. Just be sure to not list your phone number, you never know who could get a hold of it. Instead, ask them to reply via e-mail.

If you are a submissive boy, then you know about hard work. So even though finding a mistress is hard work, you can do it! Especially now that you have some great ideas for how to find a mistress.